JP Boxing Gym's instructors

Who we are

Our family run Muay Thai camp in Phitsanulok, Thailand, teaches beginners to professional fighters. JP Boxing’s instructors have years of experience in the fight game. Founder, owner and head trainer Kru Jay has traveled the world learning and honing his skills not only as a world-renowned fighter but also as a master trainer.

JP Boxing Gym is founded by the infamous Kru Jay, together with his wife Poi, who’s also an instructor here. Jay received a Muay Thai certificate from Rangsit Muay Thai Institute and is granted the title of Muay Thai Coach by the Board of Boxing Sport of Thailand Ministry Of Tourism & Sports. After fighting and teaching in the UK for over five years, he returned to his hometown Phitsanulok to start his own gym, so he can show others the beauty of the sport. 

Jay started off by simply teaching Muay Thai on the streets, but quickly moved to his own gym in town. Recently we moved to our brand new location, and by that a life long dream came true: a family run Muay Thai boxing camp with all facilities in one spot. JP Boxing Camp has its own cafe, accommodation, yoga studio and of course a spacious well-equipped gym.  

Kru Jay
Owner / Manager / Head trainer

At JP Boxing Gym, you will be able to learn Muay Thai in a natural setting.  The Krus (instructors) teach with passion and patience from whatever level you’re at. We are happy to help you to learn Muay Thai from the basic step by step techniques and to developing your own fighting style. You can book a one on one session with the instructors of JP Boxing to improve your skills in a private setting.


Master Moo (Pudpadnoi Warrawut)

Pudpadnoi is Kru Jay’s Headmaster, well known by the nick name “Golden Leg”.  Pudpadnoy had 150 fights of which 135 wins and only 15 losses. He won 3 championships as Flyweight champion, Junior Featherweight champion and Junior Lightweight champion in the famous Lumpini stadium in Bangkok. 

Pudpadnoi Warawoot is a legendary Thai boxer that has made a name for himself as one of the all time greatest of the sport. He was given the award for “best fighter” from the King of Thailand himself and also received a special trophy called “the Golden Leg”, where his nick name comes from.

Pudpadnoi still coaches and multi-tasks as a referee and judge in contests. He has coached both the Swedish National Team and the Philippines National Team.

Kru Chan 

Chan is a playful and inventive 41 year old man experienced in both Muay Thai and western boxing as a fighter and trainer.

He won 148 Muay Thai fights, lost 50, with a total of 200 fights, and was a 120 lbs champion at the Naray Stadium in Lopburi.

His true passion remains western boxing, with 2 WBC Asia Champion titles (115 lbs and 118 lbs).

He worked for Boxing King for 2 years and COOL FIT Fitness Gym for 1 year before becoming one of the instructors at JP Boxing Gym. 


Kru Apple

Instructor Kru Apple started learning Muay Thai when he was 7 years old and quickly became a 35kg Jeraprawat Stadium Champion and a 38kg Bang Yai City Champion.

He won 90 fights, lost 30, with a total of 120 fights under his belt.

Energetic and technical, this certified trainer has been teaching Muay Thai to students of all levels for over 20 years (Sit Monchai Gym, Pop Theejatham, Samart Pavak Aroon, Burapa Star Nation) as well as professional fighters.

In 2019 he became part of the team and family of JP Boxing.