Learn Muay Thai in Thailand at JP Boxing

learn muay thai thailand

Want to learn Muay Thai boxing in Thailand? Our gym is the place to be! In this blog post we will tell you why.

Learn Muay Thai in Thailand from the best trainers

JP Boxing Gym’s founder Kru Jay is our head trainer. He lived, trained and fought in the UK for five years. After his UK adventure, he came back to Thailand to learn others the art of Muay Thai. Therefor he’s not only skilled in the art of Muay Thai, but his English is at a good level too. That makes learning much easier, since he can give in-depth explanations on combinations, proper stance and other training elements. Our trainer Kru Chan is a twofold WBC Asia champion – so with him you’ll be able to learn western boxing next to Muay Thai for sure! 

Feel at home at our family

Our gym and boxing camp is run by Jay’s family, and their motivation is to take care of people as much as they can. Jay and his wife Poy live on the camp site with their 1 year old daughter Ari, who is the cutest kid in Phitsanulok – you won’t disagree! You’ll bump into Jay’s mother in the kitchen, always making sure to cook the best Thai dishes you’ll ever tried. His younger brother Champ jumps in at training almost every day. Jay and his family and staff are truly willing to walk that extra mile for their guests and you will feel right at home! 

Well needed wellness 

We don’t just offer training, accommodation and meals! Also on site is a yoga studio for some well needed stretches and calming of the mind. If you book the VIP Package, daily yoga sessions are included. You can also book separate yoga sessions if you’d like to give it a try. Even a private session is possible. Prices are much lower than they would be at home probably, so that’s a win too! 

Besides yoga we offer massages in the lovely spa nearby. You can get a traditional Thai massage, but also oil massages with the scented oil of your choice, foot massages, sports massages and more. One hour, two hours, or more… up to you!

Trips and excursions in Phitsanulok and around

Phitsanulok is a nice town with plenty to do! Every Sunday is JP’s family day out. Joining in is free for those on the VIP Package. If you’re on any of the other packages, you’re also welcome to join for a small extra fee. Possible excursions are temples, the ancient grounds of Sukhothai, the nearby waterpark, or swimming at the waterfalls or river. Even if you’re absolutely done with temples, you’ll love the trip to the colorful and eclectic Chinese temple on the Pagoda Mountain. With our excursions you will learn a bit about Thailand’s culture, and they’re a nice break from daily Muay Thai!

learn muay thai thailand