Phitsanulok weather and climate

Our town Phitsanulok is located in the middle of Thailand, right between our capital Bangkok and the northern gem and popular tourist destination Chiang Mai. The climate of our area is tropical savanna. You can probably guess what this means for the weather in Phitsanulok… It can be pretty hot and sunny out here! But not all the time, luckily. We also have some cooler months during the rain season. More details about the climate and weather of Phitsanulok below.

Hot and dry

Between november and April we barely see any rain. The hottest months are March and April, with temperatures usually being above 35 degrees Celcius. Even at night it can still be 28 degrees. This makes perfect weather for our Sunday lake trips and chilling at the prettiest swimming pool of Phitsanulok. After April, the weather in Phitsanulok gets slightly cooler. Chances of rain also increase; which is very welcome by the end of the dry season!

Rain season

Peak of the rain season is August and September. This doesn’t mean it rains every day though: usually 15 out of 30 days. The down side of coming in the rain season is obviously chances of getting wet, but it comes with a massive pro: working out in the great outdoors is much more comfortable since it cools off! At night the temperature can drop below 20 degrees Celcius, which makes a morning or late afternoon run very pleasant. Whether you’re wet from sweating, or wet from the rain: we think it’s same same ūüėČ Also, our open gym has a big roof, so no worries about getting wet from the rain during training.

What the best time of the year is for you to visit us, is up to you. If you don’t mind rain, you can come any time. If you prefer sunny but possibly hot weather: just avoid the peak rain season.

Phitsanulok: rainfall and temperature throughout the year

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