In and around Phitsanulok, Thailand

When it’s your first time in Thailand, you’ve probably never heard of our town Phitsanulok, let alone thought of visiting it. And that’s a pity, because this town has a lot to offer. Phitsanulok will show you the real Thailand. Come here to enjoy Thai culture, limitless hospitality and an infinite amount of smiles from its inhabitants.

Phitsanulok: the real Thailand

Phitsanulok’s location is pretty perfect: it’s right in the middle of Thailand, just in between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. So if you take the train or bus between these cities, our city is an ideal stop. 

You’ll encounter a lot of Buddhist culture when you’re here; temples, shrines, ruins and monks are everywhere. Some of the most beautiful temples and buddha statues of Thailand are located in Phitsanulok. 

Nearby you will find the ancient ruins of Sukhothai, which used to be the capital many years ago. Nowadays it’s a historical site you can wander around by foot, bicycle or golf cart.

Excursions in and around Phitsanulok

Besides Buddhist temples and ancient sites there’s much more to do and see in and around town. Visit the Buddha Casting Factory, walk or run up the Pagoda Mountain for a view of the city at the Chinese temple, or enjoy the scenery at the nearby waterfalls and lake. We can also take you to the local swimming pool and spa in case you’d like to unwind.

When you’re staying with us and you’re interested in visiting temples, Sukhothai or some nature nearby, we will happily take you there! If you’re on our VIP Package the Sunday excursion is included, but other guests can join too for a small extra charge.  

Below you’ll find some photo’s to give you an impression of what Phitsanulok and surroundings have to offer.

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