Tourist Visa

Visiting Thailand as a Tourist

When you visit Thailand for the purpose of leisure, sight-seeing and personal enlightenment, you are a tourist. A tourist is not allowed to work or conduct business in Thailand. A tourist needs a tourist visa so you can stay in Thailand for a period of 15 or 30 days while doing her own explorations and excursions in the kingdom.


(Immigration Office)

887/4 Baromtrilokanart

Tambon Nai-Muang

Amphoe Mueang

Phitsanulok 65000



887/4 ถ.บรมไตรโลกนารถ , ต.ในเมือง อ.เมือง  จ.พิษณุโลก 65000

Phone: 085 540 1541, 05524 7722

website :

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