Who we are

JP Boxing Gym was created by Kru.Jay Inspired by the ideals of the coaching team, Within just 2 years by unique teaching techniques, JP Boxing Gym can come up to Number One of the top Thai boxing schools, where is the biggest, highest quality, and the cleanliness place, we also pay attention to the details of technical.

In 2006 Kru.Jay had a chance to fight abroad for nearly 6 years. By encouraging knowledge and skill training from Professors “Sert  HathaiSantiwong” the Owner of Saksakprasert Gym In the city of Bournemouth, England. Kru.Jay joined the same show with Danthai SinghManasak on WBC Muay Thai 2006 and he won it!

Kru.Jay had a chance to learn and practiced from many camps in Thailand. In 2007 Kru.Jay used to practice Muay Thai at Por.pramuk camp in the early when Buakaw started fighting K1.

Kru. Jay received a Muay Thai certificate from Rangsit Muaythai Intitule and Certificate in Muaythai Coach by Office of Board of Boxing Sport, Sports Authority of Thailand Ministry Of Tourism & Sports.

Kru Jay
Owner / Manager / Head trainer

Then 2009 he back to England for the One Muay Thai tournament in England, but cannot wins the championship belt. And then back to Thailand, to practice with Professor Kru.Yodthong Senanun at the Sityodthong camp then Kru Yodthong gives a name to Kru.Jay as “Yodprasert Sit.Yodthong”

Finally, 2010 for the most advanced Kru.Yodthong advised Kru.Jay to learn more Muay Thai technique from the legend Samart Payakaroon, who is a former Muay Thai fighter and boxer. Samart Payakaroon is considered by many to be the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time, becoming a multiple time Lumpinee stadium champion and a WBC world champion. So, that Kru.Jay learned a technique and the beautiful weapons from Samart Payakaroon carefully and deeply.

Since JP Boxing Gym opened on 2016 the History of Muay Thai teaching and the sacrifice of Kru. Jay,  was recorded and presented on many TV programs in Thailand.

In 2018 Kru.Jay   successfully completed the certification Muay Thai coach form Board of Boxing Sport in Bangkok, Ministry of Sports of Thailand And he had chosen One of the Muay Thai teams to be a presenter of Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand.

At JP boxing Gym, you will be able to learn Muay Thai in a natural setting.  The Krus teach with passion and patience from whatever level you’re at. We are ready to help you to understanding Muay Thai from the basic step by step techniques and to developing your own fighting style.


Master Moo (Pudpadnoi Warrawut )
Pudpadnoi is our Headmaster , well known in the name “Golden Leg” he use to glorious on Muay Thai fighting since 1970- 1976. Pudpadnoy had 150 fights where he had 135 wins and only 15 losses. He got 3 championships as Flyweight champion, Junior  Featherweight champion and Junior Lightweight champion from Lumpini.

Pudpadnoi Warawoot is a legendary Thai boxer that has made a name for himself as one of the all time greats of the sport. He was given the award for “best fighter” from the King of Thailand himself and also received a special trophy called “the Golden Leg.”

There was a new calling for the ex-champ: coaching farangs (foreigners) in France, the original land of the farang. Pudpadnoy settled in Paris in 1980 and coached the locals Muay Thai for three decades. Not Thai boxing, not kickboxing, but good old Muay Thai with fish oil and lots of chilli powder. Guillaume Kerner. Olivier Gauthier. Jean-Marie Merchet. Franck Marre. Daniel Woirin. The Henry Ford fight factory of nak muay farang (foreign boxers) was most impressive.

After 23 years in France, Pudpadnoy relocated back home to Thailand. He still coaches and multi-tasks as a referee and judge in contests. 3 years experience to coached Sweden National Team and 2 years experience to coached Philippines National Team.

More Info

Kru Yod (Sornthep Look Bungrachanok) started doing Muay Thai when he was 13 years old. With his fighting style of keeping strong, moving forward and attracting, he won by knock-out in the fist fight and continued with a 22 knock-out record. Kru Yod is 44 year with more than 100+fights under his belt. He has done 8 fights in Muay Thai “Kad Churk”, 7 fights of International Boxing and 15 Muay Thai Boran performances in Chonbury. He is a lovely guy you always see with a funny smile on his face. Kru Yod will make you smile during training: He makes the sessions fun, from pad work to sparring, motivating you to fight through tiring sessions and still wanting more!

Kru Samarn (Phadetnoi Sit Noumthong) is a man with some of the highest integrity of a Muay Thai coach that you will ever meet. Kru.Samarn has a 200 fights record From Lumpinee stadium, Rachadumnoern stadiam and Chanel 7 stadieum. He teaches with a strong commitment that doesn’t stop as the training session is over: He brings his heart and life experience to help his students to bring out the very best in themselves and willingly lends a helping hand solve any problems and difficulties you’d encounter.

Kru.Son (Kangwanprai Sor.Kombarng)

Kru Son is 42 yrs old with more than 80+Fight records, Kru Son had trained Muay Thai when he was 10 years old, the latest fight was 14 April 2018, and he won by Knockout to “Faednguen” His great skill about clinching techniques and also he can teach you to develop the technical for Pad work, which is one of the best training methods. Kru Son very friendly so people can be easy to be around. You will like him.

Kru Tuk “I like Muay Thai since childhood.” Kru Tuk said,  He learned Muay Thai from his father when he was 6 years old. He grew up with  Muay Thai family. Kru Tuk have met with Kru Jay and learn more the basics and Muay Thai techniques thoroughly.

He has a lot of learning and communication skills. With a gentler gentle manner, you can easily understand authenticity Muay Thai and the great way to condition the body and get physically fit.

Phoo (Phoopayak JP Boxing)

Phoo is 15 years old,  the youngest trainer at JP Boxing. He’s the son of Kru.Yod, 1 year ago he followed his father to practice Muay Thai with Kru Jay, he has trained as a strong, fast and powerful boxer. Now he is the fighter with 21 Fight records, and won by knock in the 5 recently events.