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Essential Thai Words and Phrases for Travellers in Thailand:
A Comprehensive Guide

When visiting Thailand, knowing a few basic Thai words and phrases can greatly enhance your travel experience. While English is spoken in many tourist areas, having some knowledge of the local language shows respect for the culture and can help you navigate more effectively. This blog post aims to provide you with a comprehensive list of essential Thai words and phrases that will enable you to communicate with locals, navigate transportation, order food, and handle common situations during your trip.
We at the JP Boxing Gym are fluent in both Thai and English and happy to assist in any questions or matter. 

Greetings and Basic Phrases

  1. Sawasdee (Krub/Ka): Hello (for males/females)
  2. Khob khun (Krub/Ka): Thank you (for males/females)
  3. Chai: Yes
  4. Mai chai: No
  5. Kob kun mak: Thank you very much
  6. Mai pen rai: You’re welcome/It’s okay
  7. Sabai dee mai (Krub/Ka): How are you? (for males/females)
  8. Sabai dee (Krub/Ka): I’m fine (for males/females)
  9. Chai-yoh!: Cheers!
  10. Lao jow: Sorry/Excuse me

Transportation and direction

  1. Nai bai duay?: Where is the bus station?
  2. Rot fai: Train
  3. Rot may: Airplane
  4. How much is the taxi?: Lot dai tao rai?
  5. Turn left/right: Leua sai/leua kwaa
  6. Straight ahead: Trong pai
  7. Stop here, please: Yoot tee nee krub/ka
  8. How far is it?: Meua-rai
  9. Where is the bathroom?: Hong nam yoo nai?
  10. Can you take me to [destination]?: Dai mai ow chan dtang [destination]?

Ordering Food and Drinks

  1. Aroy: Delicious
  2. Menu: Rue lae
  3. What do you recommend?: Su su arai?
  4. I am vegetarian: Chan gin jay
  5. I would like [dish]: Ao [dish]
  6. Spicy: Pet
  7. Not spicy: Mai pet
  8. Water: Nam
  9. Coffee: Gafae
  10. Bill, please: Kep tang krub/ka

Emergency Situations

  1. Help!: Chuay!
  2. Police: Pholisee
  3. Hospital: Rong paya baan
  4. I need a doctor: Chan tong kaan mor
  5. I lost my passport: Chan long toong pa-sa-pawt
  6. Call an ambulance: Khor ro tao ror sa-mong-kol
  7. I don’t feel well: Chan mai sabai
  8. Where is the nearest pharmacy?: Ran lai duay?
  9. I’ve been robbed: Chan bao
  10. Fire: Fai

Learning a few essential Thai words and phrases will greatly enhance your travel experience in Thailand, allowing you to connect with locals, navigate transportation, and handle common situations more effectively. Remember to practice the correct pronunciation and don’t be afraid to engage with the locals using these phrases—it will be appreciated by the Thai people. Additionally, consider using language learning apps or carrying a pocket-sized phrasebook for easy reference.