Muay Thai Experience 

  • Get fit with 3 training sessions per day,    6 days per week.
  • Beginners friendly.
  • Seasoned fighters will gain new skills.
  • Two fresh cooked Thai meals plus snacks
  • Accommodation included
You can join our weekend trips for a small fee

Muay Thai Experience Prices


Duration                        Price  (baht)

3 Day Mini Break          9000    

 7 Day                            13,250

10 Day                           19,000

14 Day.                           26,500

1 Month                         52,750

90 Day                          155,000

Contact us for specific durations 

Health & Wellness Retreat

Treat your self with an all inclusive getaway.

This VIP package includes everything in Muay Thai Experience package


  • Daily Yoga on site, 5 days per week
  • Trips to the swimming pool for some sun bathing and cooling off. 
  • Weekend trips to experience traditional Thailand
  • Night market trips to shop the local way.
  • And much more 
Depending on the time of year.
More can be included due to local traditions and celebrations. 

Health & Wellness Retreat Prices 


Duration                        Price  (baht)

 7 Day                           34,000

14 Day.                          64,000

1 Month                         128,000

Contact us for specific durations 

Fighter Package 

Train, eat, sleep, repeat.


This fighter package is a unique combination of endurance training, specialised technique workshop’s and a lot of training with world champion Muay Thai and Western Boxing Champions. 


Technique workshop’s start your week, covering basic to advanced movement.

Private session to practice what we cover.

Sparing and pad work to finish each day.

Want to train more, you can use the gym freely throughout the day.

Also included is everything in

Muay Thai Experience package.


Fighter Package Prices

                           Price  (baht)

 7 Day                           17,100

14 Day                          34,200

1 Month                         68,400

90 Days                         205,200

Contact us for specific durations 

All packages include traditional Thai food from our onsite cafe and comfortable accommodation with air-conditioning.

Our Usual Weekly Schedule

  • Get in shape on your own schedule with our flexible group training sessions – choose from 3 options per day, 6 days a week.
  • Want some one-on-one attention? Book a private training session during the day.
  • Take a break from training with some rejuvenating activities – go for a swim, do yoga, or indulge in a Thai massage.
  • Experience the beauty of Thailand as you train in historic temples, picturesque riversides, and charming local towns.
  • Want to explore even more of what Thailand has to offer? Join us on weekend excursions to immerse yourself in the traditional culture.

Training Only Prices

  • 1 Session: 450 THB 
  • Full day: 800 THB 
  • Weekly: 4,800 THB
  • Monthly: 19,000 THB
  • Private session (1 hour): 1200 THB