Muay Thai is often referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” due to its use of fists, feet, elbows and knees.
We cater to all levels - from absolute beginners to seasoned fighters
Submerge yourself in Thai culture: temples, delicious food, monks and much more
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jp boxing gym Phitsanulok, Thailand

JP Boxing Gym is a traditional and family run Muay Thai gym in Phitsanulok, Thailand. Looking for a way to get fit, improve your boxing skills or just a perfect careless getaway? You are more than welcome to stay with us at our family run boxing camp, with accommodation, training, yoga and included meals served at our cafe all on site.

Our teachings are based on true love and passion for the sport and a wish to show others the beautiful Art of Muay Thai. Run by the infamous Kru Jay and his loving family and team, this boxing gym is one of the best places in Thailand to learn Muay Thai whilst you feel completely taken care of.

Our boxing gym is located on the outskirts of Phitsanulok, the ancient and authentic city along the mountains in the middle of Thailand. Our town is very easy to reach: in just a 50 minute flight from Bangkok, you’re here! 

Staying with us not only means you will improve your boxing skills, but you’ll also get to experience Thai culture at its finest: think stunning temples, monks, delicious food, Buddhist rituals and an infinite amount of smiles. 

We offer three different packages:

  • Muay Thai Package: Get fit! 3 training sessions a day, food, accommodation and more are included.
  • VIP Package: Treat yourself! All-included getaway. Daily Muay Thai training and yoga, accommodation, food, massages, swimming pool trip, excursions and more included.
  • Fighter Package: Get fighting fit! 3 Muay Thai sessions a day, weekly technique workshops and 3 private sessions a week to get you ready to fight. Organized fight included – if you’re ready for it.

Scroll down for more information about our packages and training, including prices and a glimpse of our rooms 

Our town: Phitsanulok, Thailand

JP Boxing Gym is located on the outskirts of Phitsanulok, one of the oldest cities in Thailand, founded over 600 years ago. It was the capital of the kingdom for a quarter of century, and now it’s is one of the largest cities of North Thailand. Untouched by tourism, our town is the perfect place to submerge yourself in authentic Thai culture. Some of the most stunning temples can be found in and around Phitsanulok, and we’ll happily show you around.

As the crossroad between the northern and central regions of the country, it has long been important both for political and strategic reasons and was fought over many times in centuries past. But don’t worry, our town is currently very peaceful and relaxed – or ‘sebai’, as the Thai say.

The camp

JP’s brand new camp is located close to the town centre, so you will find all you need in the area. Both 7-eleven and Tesco are a few hundred meters away. Get a coffee, go for food, walk to town or get a Grab or a lift from us that will take you to our local spa or pool in just a few minutes.

In Phitsanulok you will absolutely feel like you’re encountering the real Thailand – and JP Boxing Gym will happily show you around! Get an impression of our gym and town in our photo gallery by clicking on the button below; ‘In and around Phitsanulok’.

JP Boxing Gym: our Muay Thai camp in Phitsanulok, Thailand

Want to stay with us and submerge yourself in Muay Thai, wellness and Thai culture? We offer classes for absolute beginners, the more experienced semi-amateurs to fully professional fighters. Our boxing gym is perfect for those who are looking to get fitter and develop some (extra) Muay Thai skills, while enjoying everything that Thailand has to offer. Below you will find more information about our three packages!

VIP Package

Fighter Package